About Us

I’m a housewife who’s passionate about improving indoor air quality. I focus on using natural methods and share my findings with the world.

I’m raising three kids and working to improve indoor air quality in our home. I blog about my adventures in housekeeping, cooking, and all the other things I do to stay sane while juggling a busy household.

Home is my haven. I take pride in improving the air quality of this space by using natural methods to manage humidity, chemicals, and allergens.

I love balancing the needs of my family with the need to create a safe and healthy environment.

Air is the most important part of our surroundings. It is so important that it should be taken care of diligently.

Cleaning up the air in your home shouldn’t be a chore.

I want to help you create healthy indoor spaces for you and your family!

I teach people how to improve their indoor air quality with natural methods.

If you want to connect with me, then give me a shoutout on Contact Page.